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Mission Statement for Politics and Philosophy

Politics and Philosophy is not a blog. Politics and Philosophy is an on-line journal devoted to the exploration and understanding of politics, political philosophy, and political issues though the medium of philosophy. The orientation of Politics and Philosophy is the academic study of political philosophy popularized. We stress straight forward, closely reasoned arguments concerning controversial issues and focused study with regard to current political issues. We actively discourage a pedantic approach that obscures the subject matter with insincere scholarly contrivances.

At Politics and Philosophy we feel that the best remedy for a successful conclusion to current political issues and political struggle is an intelligent dialogue based on the analysis of political philosophy in general and research into the details of particular political issues. Very often that analysis is reflected in the philosophical approach, which is to say an approach that seeks an understanding of political philosophy rather than a comfortable reassurance.

The navigation tabs at the top of this page will direct the interested party to a table of contents that will quickly summarize the subjects of current political issues to be found in Politics and Philosophy. For a deeper grasp of the political philosophy found in each article, a link to the article abstract page will prove helpful. This abstract page is designed to reveal the current political issues highlighted by the articles with special attention paid to the political philosophy and political theory adopted by the article.

We sincerely hope that the offerings found in Politics and Philosophy may open doors to a broader understanding of questions surrounding political philosophy as well as those generated by real world political issues. Given the problems and apparent intractability of political problems presented to the peoples of the world today, research and analysis with regard to political philosophy and political theory seem critical elements in a search for practical solutions. With this in mind, we hope the contributions made here in Politics and Philosophy will lend some forward momentum to those practical solutions so desperately needed for a safe and secure world.

Please feel free to go to the About Us page for guidelines for submissions to Politics and Philosophy, as well as additional information regarding our political philosophy regarding current political issues and world issues in general. 


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