Politics and Philosophy

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A full reading of the entire article is, of course, recommended.  However, in recognizing the need for the best allocation of the individual’s time, shortcuts have been built into the site. 

First, each article is briefly abstracted on the Article Abstract page (see link at the top of the page), and each abstraction is itself hyperlinked to the main article.  The titles of the articles are in alphabetical orders and can be scanned quickly.  The abstracts themselves are designed to capture the main ideas of the articles without going into lengthy detail.

Second, nearly every individual article is designed and structured with hyperlinks built in to the provided subject-header on the first page of each article.  This is done so that the individual can jump to specific parts of the research paper that will be of greatest interest.

Finally, there is an index page (see the link tab at the top of each page).  This is a new devise for Politics and Philosophy.  We are constantly attempting to refine and improve this index page.  The hyperlinks will take you to the part of an article that best speaks to the subject you wish to consider.

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